A shot at story-writing


It even surprised me when I decided to have a go at writing a story. But a while ago I started writing this novella on a Marathi forum – http://www.maayboli.com  It is a decent place to hangout once in a while if you are a Marathi speaker. The novella is titled वारसा which means heritage in Marathi. It was well received on the website. Obviously it is not a very polished product, has its flaws. But after receiving some praise there I decided to publish at least some excerpts on here. The story is written in Marathi and typed in Devnagari. But then thought it is better to give the links. So as of now the intended audience is Marathi folks, but I have the translation on my mind and will see if I can spare time to translate the story.

A short summary of the plot – It is a treasure-hunt fantasy with shades of math-fi. Yes you read it right, it involves a fair amount of mathematical fiction. It takes place in an alternative history where there exists a family with connections to various Indian dynasties and a magical creature at their disposal. But due to a decision in past their a large part of their treasure is hidden at an unknown place. When the current heir and his 3 friends begin the search, an old enemy resurfaces and what ensues ……….. well I’m not here to give spoilers.

Here are the links to all the 21 parts. Read and enjoy!

Part 0 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52349

Part 1 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52378

Part 2 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52429

Part 3 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52441

Part 4 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52505

Part 5 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52567

Part 6 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52585

Part 7 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52602

Part 8 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52631

Part 9 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52677

Part 10 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52696

Part 11 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52728

Part 12 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52767

Part 13 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52799

Part 14 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52858

Part 15 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52893

Part 16 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52944

Part 17 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/52972

Part 18 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/53025

Part 19 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/53070

Part 20 – http://www.maayboli.com/node/53082


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