Crazy World

Hey all, I am Payas, from Pune. I am pursuing B.Tech in computer engineering at College of Engineering, Pune. I already have one blog for all sorts of jibberish – World of an amateur.

Then why this new one? Well I want to keep my amateurish things separate and something on which I can have a definite say separate. This doesn’t mean things here are serious, they can’t. After all why so serious? 😛

Secondly I wanted to give a try to wordpress after trying blogger. Good so far I will say. Though I was left smiling when I saw a familiar phrase as my first post – hello world. A programmer types these words at least once in his/her life. Why hello world always? I always thought the world to be crazy so renamed it that way. Let me sail in the crazy world amigos. Aye aye captain, sail the ship 🙂


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